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For bringing together unemployed staff, short-time workers, self-employed people and companies in need of manpower

The JobSwitch platform is a tool specially designed to facilitate the implementation of solidarity behaviour between companies during the current crisis. It aims to facilitate and accelerate the use of temporary loans of labour that the law allows in exceptional circumstances, which is the case of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The effects differ from one sector to another. While some businesses, including most shops, construction companies and Horeca businesses, to name but a few, are being forced to close down or drastically reduce their activity, others, including agricultural production, food shops and logistics/transport, are overwhelmed by demand, while facing staff difficulties linked to quarantine measures or the need to provide childcare.

JobSwitch wants to respond to these situations by making it possible, easily and quickly, to loan staff and submit applications from employees potentially interested in this scheme, enabling them to receive a full salary rather than unemployment benefit. It is therefore a win-win initiative for those companies and employees who will seize this opportunity and thus make it possible to operate services that are essential to society, such as the transport of essential goods and the supply of food stores.

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Send us an email: jobswitch@cc.lu

Available Offers

Grande distribution - 1 Collaborateur Logistique (h/f)

1 profil recherché

Bilingue FR/DE ou FR/LU

Permis appareils de levage obligatoire (CACES)

Maîtrise des logiciels informatiques de gestion de stocks

Grande distribution – Poissonnier – Foetz

1 profil recherché 

Poste à pourvoir de suite en CDD  

40 heures/semaine

Grande distribution – Recherche employés polyvalents

12 profils recherchés

Candidature avec CV obligatoire

Connaissance du travail en caisse 

Disponibilités : (du lundi au samedi de 6h30 à 21h15), à partir du lundi 06/04 et pour la période de confinement 

Grande surface - 1 GRAPHISTE (M/F)

1 profil recherché

Formation et diplôme de graphiste

Expérience de 1 à 3 ans

Très bonne connaissance des outils informatiques : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Webdesign et réseaux sociaux

Grande surface - Employé(e) Polyvalent(e)

10 profils recherchés

Participer aux activités du rayon dans l’intérêt global du magasin, dans le but d’augmenter la satisfaction client, les chiffres de ventes et la rentabilité, et ceci à travers différentes activités ; en accord avec nos valeurs et dans le respect des règlements établis.


Operating Instructions

To be able to benefit from a temporary labour loan contract, you must first request an authorisation from your current employer. If he or she agrees, you can apply for the positions offered on the site. One of our consultants will contact you to study your profile and whether it is suitable for the needs of the companies that might welcome you. Then you will have to fill in 3 forms: an amendment to your current employment contract (by your current employer), a prior notification to Adem and the temporary labour loan contract (available opposite). As soon as you have returned the documents, you will have to contact your JobSwitch consultant again in order to follow up on your application.

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